Excire Foto评论2021(最好的新照片管理软件?)


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Excire Fotois an AI-driven image cataloguing program. It lets you search by gender, age, or any automatically (or manually) assigned keywords. Can this powerful new software help you uncover hidden photo treasures? We put the Excire AI to the test.

Excire Foto Product Shot


什么是Excire Foto?

Excire Fotouses AI technology to analyse your photos and automatically assign keywords. This automation sets Excire Foto aside from other photo management software. Its sibling software ‘Excire Search 2’ works as a plugin forAdobe Lightroom Classic.这为您的Lightroom目录添加了Excire Foto关键字。强大的搜索工具可让您过滤到关键字,评级,标志颜色和人员。

A one-time purchase price of €69.00 puts Excire Foto in the ‘affordable’ category. The ‘Excire Search 2’ Lightroom Plugin is also €69.00. Both packages are compatible with Apple’s new M1 chip and run 64-bit on Windows 10.

Excire Foto按关键字搜索

Why Do I Need AI Photo Management?

Excire Foto分析不导入或重复文件的照片。这意味着它不需要太大的磁盘空间,如果您有几个图像有用硬盘驱动器。您可以将文件夹添加到浏览器面板,以及激励Foto扫描,目录和向它们提供自己的关键字。

The keywords are quite specific. The first folder I pointed Excire Foto to was a shoot from Istanbul. The AI knew it was looking at pictures of architecture, a building, and a mosque related to religion. It spotted the领先的线条, the shots in轮廓和那些有的人bokeh

a screenshot of excire foto scanning folders

Excire Foto的主要特点

Excive Foto接口

像大多数数字资产管理软件,Excire Foto is divided into four sections.

  • 显示您的图像的主窗口
  • 左侧的浏览器面板
  • The current selection data across the top
  • The control panel to the right.


a screenshot of the Excire Foto Interface


将文件夹添加到浏览器窗格时,软件扫描并添加关键字。整个过程急剧快速地 - 具有200个原始文件的文件夹需要14秒才能分析。

Images from multiple folders can be put into Collections much likeLightroom.or捕获一个。Drag the Image thumbnails onto a Collection to add them.

To go one step further, your Collections can be organised into Groups. Allowing you to manage and organise tens of thousands of images without ever moving them.

Excire Foto的组织屏幕截图

Rate & Flag



这是我们浏览我们拍摄的箭头的首选视图,并使用数字键添加额定值。数字6-9标志红色,黄色,绿色和蓝色(命令+ 9旗紫色)。缩略图的右上角还有一个方便的小按钮,可帮助您找到类似的照片。

a screenshot of Excire Foto Rating Large View


The list of applied keywords lives in the control panel on the right. Disclosure triangles reveal sub-keywords within the greater categories. For instance, ‘Face’ opens to reveal things like ‘Eyes Open’, ‘Beard’, and ‘Sunglasses’. The vehicle category accurately identified Boats, Busses, Quad bikes, Trams, and Ambulances.

a screenshot of the Excire Foto Keyword hierarchy detail



Excire Foto的屏幕截图找到面孔窗口

使用Excire Foto编辑元数据

Selecting a thumbnail shows its Metadata in the control panel on the right. Clicking the edit button brings up the Metadata Editor. Here you can manually input IPTC data such as copyright and location or apply an IPTC profile. File > IPTC Profile Manager lets you create metadata profiles. These can be applied to multiple images in a single click.

Excire Foto Metadata编辑窗口的AcReenshot

Software Integration

A right-click on a thumbnail lets you open the original image in your preferred image editing software. Unlike Lightroom or Capture One, the edited photo will not automatically show up in your catalogue. You have to save your edit to the folder with the original file. Then right-click the folder in the browser, and select ‘Update’.

Excire Foto可以从相机导入图像或将文件从一个地方移动到另一个地方。与Dropbox和Google Drive的内置集成允许您将图像直接分享到您的在线存储。

Excire Foto软件集成选项的屏幕截图

Search Accuracy


Excire Keyword Search Technology example
Imagine my surprise at having photographed a Circuit Board


有类似的在线平台Extensis Portfolio。They offer auto keywording as part of an online digital assets management platform. These are primarily cloud-based programs built to share digital assets across a team, with conversion and asset deployment tools.

Lightroom插件喜欢Any Visionorlrtag.are available on subscription and require an internet connection to work. They are no way near as fast and require a subscription to Adobe Lightroom. Excire Foto works locally and is a self-contained standalone app.


Excire Foto是一种智能,简单的照片管理系统。Excire关键字是,对于大多数零件,准确,并且超快速图像显示显示您的搜索结果以明确的可通航方式。我们希望看到实时文件夹更新和集成等更改,如更多类似的平台Smugmug.or广场空间


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