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10 Tips for Fine Art Architecture Photography

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Fine art architecture photography is not a simple term to grasp. It’s bulky and entails two separate concepts that aren’t used together very often:architecture photographyandfine art。Before we get into the details, let’s dig in and actually figure out what it means first.
First of all, it involves mostly images of buildings, including both室内设计and exteriors. Images of facades, windows, columns, staircases and other architectural details all belong to the architecture photography category.
Put together, fine art architecture photography presents the buildings that surround us in a beautiful, harmonious and often surprising way. In many cases,architecture photographycan be prettyabstract

The Oculus. New York, USA. © 2018 Daria Huxley.

For me, taking artistic architecture photos is a captivating journey. At the start I often do not know how it ends – there is always excitement in it.
The starting point for me as a photographer is always the subject, and I move from thegeometriesandtowardsemotionand meaning.


First and foremost, preparation is key. Think about what surrounds you. Where do you live? Did you make sometravel plans或者很快去度假?
Look up online the place where you are or where you’re going and see what has already been photographed in your area. There is a good chance somebody else has done this before you, but visual research would give you an idea of interesting subjects within your reach.
找到一个有很有趣的建筑物,甚至可能是一个不寻常的东西。建筑周围有足够的空间吗?是否可以从中访问multiple angles?
As soon as you find a worthy subject – pick the right day and venture out!


One of the advantages offine art photography是that a lot of work can be done in post production to enhance the look and feel of an image you take. You can even allow for some minorimperfections拍摄时。然而,目标是有良好的材料与以后合作。

Black and white architecture photography shot of the facade of the Flatiron building in New York
Flatiron building. New York, NY, USA. © 2015 Daria Huxley.


Regardless of which type ofcamera您正在使用,不要只是依靠运气拍摄好照片。有许多步骤您可以采取措施,以增加您在数字化上拍摄美好艺术建筑的机会。
First of all, make sure your shutter speed is fast enough. You don’t want to come home later, open the image in full size on your computer, zoom into it and realise it’s blurred. Use precautionary measures. If you are planning to shoot inlow lightbring a三脚架along with you.
Fine art is all about high quality. There is no better way to achieve that than having enough flexibly that comes withRAWfile format. If you don’t own a camera that is able to shoot in RAW, you should get one.
I always recommend shooting in RAW, but in fine art architecture photography this might be one of the most important pieces of advice to follow. Speaking from experience, shooting artistic architecture is extremely difficult in JPEG.
If you don’t shoot RAW, you limit yourself to more or less the exact result you see on your camera display after you take the picture, leaving little room for any creative interpretation. This is the case when technicalities do matter.

7. How to Find a Balanced Composition

如果有一件事可以制造或打破你的美术建筑摄影,那就是composition。It is basically the most important feature of an image – composition in artistic architecture is the image itself.

Fine art in architecture photography: Black and white shot of a spiral staircase in the castle of the Knights Templar. Tomar, Portugal
Castle of the Knights Templar. Tomar, Portugal. © 2011 Daria Huxley. Fine Art

Everything that has been written in books, articles and magazines about balance, direction, off-centered placement and golden rule is true!
When you are out shooting your subject is it good to move around. Look at your subject from every possible angle. Sit down, climb up, experiment with both vertical and horizontal camera orientation. This is when the magic happens!
Take many photos from every interesting angle you can find. It is always better to have more options to choose from later, than to miss discovering an often surprising side of your subject.


As in photography in general and in fine art architecture photography especially, it’s important to have a simple idea behind your image.

Downtown. New York, USA. © 2018 Daria Huxley.

凌乱的科目是凌乱和分散注意力的。应排除任何横幅,广告,可识别的面和文本。专注于干净的线条,平衡between light and dark areas and overall harmony. In the end, fine art is about审美的美丽。

5. Experiment With Focal Length to Avoid Distortion

It is advisable to use longerfocal lengthswhen photographing artistic architecture. I use a 135mmprime lensfrequently for this purpose. This way you can avoid distortion and pick up details that are not necessarily visible to the eye from the distance.
Wider angles can be used to capture building as the whole, or to show the scale of the scene. For wider looks I use35mmlenses.
Very often in fine art architecture things tend to be more on the abstract side – and that’s our next point.

4. Make It Abstract

美术艺术建筑摄影经常齐头并进abstractarchitecture photography.

Architecture photography made abstract: Atmospheric shot of three buildings emerging from Manhattan in fog. New York, NY, USA
雾的曼哈顿。纽约,纽约,美国。©2017 Daria Huxley。

Rotating your camera upside down and finding unusual angles is just one of the techniques to turn a casual architectural photograph into an abstract piece. Look closer, pay attention and have patience.


这可能是一个偏好的问题,但我几乎完全拍摄美术架构black and white。To me it just makes sense to always have the composition in the spotlight.
虽然颜色可以帮助讲述一个故事并有时交付一条消息 - 在抽象的架构中,他们只是免费,往往可以遗漏。
In the end, it is all about what you want the viewer to focus on – andcolors可以分散注意力。但是,如果您选择这样做,有些浅色分型​​调色技术可以向成品图像添加一个很好的触摸。

What About Post-Production?

While what you do when shooting abstract fine art architecture is important,post production是a big part of the process as well.
There are lots of technical details to talk about, but for the purpose of this article I will highlight two of the most important and helpful general tips.


For fine art architecture pieces I always usePhotoshop.编辑时。它是最强大的工具,允许您以无数的方式大大提升您的图像。
Make sure you always have your base layer locked in the background as a reference.

Fine Art Architecture Photography: Museo Soumaya. Mexico City, Mexico
Museo Soumaya. Mexico City, Mexico. © 2018 Daria Huxley.

I usually start with overall brightness and exposure adjustments and then slowly move on to the local areas. The main idea is to highlight the lines that you’d like to be the centre of attention and get rid of the objects that are distracting.

1. How to Add Your Personal Touch to Your Fine Art Photos

Fine art is still art so don’t be afraid to add your own personality to your work. This is not documentary photography and it doesn’t need to be objective.
Use your own perception to add touch ups to complete your image. Adding accents – for example鸟类,planesand otheraerial对象可以添加depthto the image and provide a scale reference.
不要害怕尝试新事物提供哟ur idea or message. Sometimes one little thing can make the image travel far and beyond your own imagination.

Fine Art Architecture Photography: Courtyard. Rome, Italy
Courtyard. Rome, Italy. © 2016 Daria Huxley.